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The fastest and easiest way to wash up a tree or limb introduced down by a fierce autumn or winter storm is by using a battery-powered chainsaw. Click in a charged battery and get to work. So long as you retain its chain sharp and bar oil in the reservoir, you’ll make fast work of dicing up that wooden. This simplicity stands in direct contrast to the exacting maintenance protocol required for gas-engine chainsaws. It’s important to retailer a kind of with ethanol-free, two-cycle engine combine or by mixing a preservative with its fuel. And you might want to run a gasoline-engine chainsaw at the least a number of times a yr and keep it tuned with a recent spark plug and air filter. In case you do that, you’ll be rewarded with a saw that begins easily and runs reliably. Skip any aspect of that protocol and you have a finicky piece of energy tools that will doubtless fail you when you want it most. After all, there’s no substitute for the arduous-charging torque of a properly tuned and nicely-maintained gas-powered noticed, significantly for huge woodcutting jobs. But for cleansing up fallen limbs, panorama upkeep, and tree pruning, battery chainsaws are greater than up to the job. And chances are you already own a string trimmer or different cordless device that makes use of a battery that may power the chainsaw. What’s more, professional-stage tools evaluate very favorably with gasoline-engine saws in the case of energy. Have a look under at quick info of the best chainsaws from our testing. Then scroll down for purchasing advice and in-depth critiques of those and other models. Pro-duty electric saws powered by a battery are costly, costing in the range of $300 to $400. A mid-duty model is prone to cost about $250, and a reasonable one suitable to handle the occasional downed tree limb is going to run you roughly $a hundred and fifty to $200.

Also, a cheap electric chainsaw just isn’t going to churn by means of a pickup truck’s price of firewood in a morning. Our top-tier professional saws can make as many as 100 cuts (or more) through a 6-inch-diameter hardwood log. Other electric chainsaws that we would classify as skilled, but are usually not as efficient as our top performers, produce 40 or 50 cuts. A homeowner-obligation noticed will make 20 to 30 cuts by way of the same log. The longer your chopping session, the extra wood you count on to cut. And the more frequent the periods, the extra electric chainsaw you need to buy. Really, it’s that simple. There are various differences between a gas-engine chainsaw and an electric chainsaw powered by a battery and motor. The latter is noticeably quieter. Gas-engine chainsaws are loud-about 105 decibels; a cordless chainsaw is roughly equal to a corded electric circular noticed, at about a hundred decibels. As for weight, cordless electric chainsaws are equal to or a few pounds heavier than their gas-engine equivalents. A fueled 50-cc gasoline-engine noticed, with an 18-inch bar, weighs 11 to 12 pounds. The cordless chainsaws we examined weigh anyplace from eleven to about 14 pounds. For small jobs, a cordless chainsaw could also be faster than a comparable gas-engine model, since you don’t have to take the time so as to add gas. Just push in a charged battery and go. Then again, gasoline-engine saws excel at huge jobs: timber felling for lumber or firewood, storm or disaster cleanup, and tree elimination. Both sorts of saws require bar oil and a sharp chain. Meaning realizing the best way to hone that chain, and you’ll want at the very least one spare in case you get the saw’s nose into the dirt or hit a nail buried in the log. We ran our check saws by a truckload of hardwood logs (ash, white oak, locust), every about 6 inches in diameter.

We charged each saw’s battery, strapped a log onto a saw buck, and proceeded to quickly and repeatedly reduce test discs (or “cookies,” as they’re known as) by pivoting the saw through the log. The test exposes vibration, stalling, hesitancy, and lack of set off response. If the saw has a low threshold for thermal cutoff to protect the battery and circuitry, that will shut the saw off. Rapid repeat cuts by way of hardwood generate plenty of internal heat within the device, each from present circulate and within the chain drive. For a handful of these saws, we used them to cut up bushes felled by storms. We found the RY 40580 to be a very good, quick-reducing saw, with an potential to grasp in there throughout tough cuts without tripping the thermal overload change. You will be assured in its capability to handle the yard work that you must do. We notably appreciated several of its options, like its long bar reduces the amount of stooping you do to get at wooden you want to cut, Also, it’s equipped with a series brake-not merely a front hand guard-to protect you in opposition to kickback. Finally, its rapid charger is four occasions faster than a standard one. You are able to do lots of cutting with this saw, take a relaxation break, and put sufficient charge on the battery to chop some extra. We discovered that it leaks oil while not in use. But there are steps you can take to reduce that, comparable to storing the saw with out bar oil and turning down its adjustable oiler. Two facet-saddle, 20-volt batteries (4-Ah apiece) supply the hefty facet-mount motor on the WG385. It seems to be, feels, and cuts like a strong little saw, as its disc rely greater than amply illustrates. Other features we like are its crisp chain brake, large bar-oil reservoir, easy-to-grip oil cap, instrument-free chain tightening, and effectively-situated button to help you shortly decide how much charge is left.

If you’re invested in Worx 20-volt and 40-volt power instruments, this chainsaw would make a sensible addition to your arsenal. You’re taking one look at the variety of discs this saw lower and think, That’s some machine. And you’d be proper. What that number doesn’t inform you is how shortly and simply it bought to that number-with out stalling, vibration, or tiring us out. The 540 LiXP is geared up with a massive 9.36-Ah battery, and that actually helped boosts its quantity. But there’s extra to it than battery girth. Clearly it’s received an important motor and drivetrain. As far as comparing it to the Stihl above, we have to be clear that its test discs were slightly smaller in diameter. The MSA 220 C-B reduce so many, we ran out and needed to revert to the subsequent smaller measurement of test materials when it got here time to run the Husqvarna. Still, this can be a formidable power tool that competes immediately with that one. The 540 LiXP is perfectly capable of firewood manufacturing, storm cleanup, and landscaping upkeep and closes the gap between electric and fuel-engine saws. The MSA 220 C-B is power software excellence. By way of its power, productivity, safety, handling, quietness, and convenience, it’s as good as many gasoline-engine chainsaws that we have tested. It’s slim and highly effective and pivots properly by the cut without stalling or vibrating. And when it comes time to add oil, you’ve received a quarter-flip bar oil cap that’s quick to launch and tighten. Adjusting the chain tension is straightforward, requiring no instruments. Flip up the lever on the adjustment wheel located adjacent to the bar and turn it counterclockwise to release tension on the tightening mechanism. Next, flip the thumb wheel above the bar ahead to tighten the chain; turn the thumbwheel again to release tension on it.






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