The 10 Perennial Plants To Plant In Your Window Box That Will Change The Way You See Your Yard

Check out our list of the top perennials that’ll grow year after year, populating your window box with a lush bed of blooms!

Top the list Best Perennials For Window Boxes in 2022

The Most Useful Perennial Plants

There are many perennial plants that can be useful in your garden. They can provide food for birds and other animals, add beauty to your landscape, and help to stabilise the soil. Some of the most popular perennials are daisies, tulips, daffodils, and irises..

Benefits of Planting Perennials

There are many benefits to planting perennial plants. They can add beauty and interest to your garden, help conserve soils, reduce the need for water, and provide food for birds and other wildlife. Some of the most common perennial plants are roses, begonias, forget-me-nots, hostas, and dahlias.

How To Plant a Window Box Garden

Window box gardens are a great way to add interest and color to your home while growing your own food. All you need is a window box, Seeds, Water, and Gardening Supplies. Follow these steps to plant your window box garden:

1. Fill your window box with potting soil.

2. Plant your seeds in the soil.

3. water the seeds regularly until they germinate and grow.

4. when the plants are big enough, move them into a pot or outside space.

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